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July 2010


by Raluca Bauer on 12 July 2010 · 4 comments

I think all of you experienced at least one time the mood „ I would like to have something to eat but I don’t know what”. Especially when you are drinking a wine.
I’ve been also recently in this mood, and my thoughts flew away to the nice vacation we’ve had in Spain, staying in a beautiful old village near the Rioja region. And of course, to the Spanish food. As we were running in Haro to buy some old Spanish wines, we stopped to eat some tapas, those small and nice arranged snacks, excellent prepared and really .....


1983 Chateau La Dominique Grand cru classé

by Oliver Bauer on 2 July 2010 · 0 comments

Chateau La Dominique is one of the better know producers in Saint-Emilion. But what has been more suspenseful to me concerning this wine, was the year. 1983 is (for me) pretty underestimated because of the famous and outstanding harvest in ‘82. Anyway, so far, I have had some very interesting wines out of ‘83, but of course also bad ones. I just remember a recently opened Chateau Ramage la Batisse, which has been a mess. So let’s see, what this one is able to show us today. The filling level has been OK (into neck) but even after .....


A friend decided to cook for us

July 1, 2010

We’ve had a really big surprise when one of our friends decided to cook for us. We were buying some hours in front some really fresh shrimps, intending to cook after a classical receipt.
But he easily convinced us that this time, he will cook. I never thought that he would be able, but I was hungry and hey, how bad can could it possible be? (a really nice comedian , George Carlin said one time: “take a f…ing chance, once in a while, will you?” – btw, you really have to see this)
So, our friend started to .....

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