Dover sole with sage-cream-sauce and new potatoes

by Oliver Bauer on 18 June 2012 · 0 comments


- 1 fresh sole per person
- 4-5 new potatoes per person
- a bunch of fresh sage
- 3 brunches of fresh thyme
- 2 small onions
- fennel
- red pepper
- white pepper
- sea salt
- lemons (or even better limes)
- 300 ml of a dry white wine
- butter
- 300 ml fresh cream
- pomegranate
- vine-ripened tomatoes

Preparation of the sauce :

Cube the onions and the fennel and sauté them in a ladle with melted butter until soft. Don’t let it take too much colour to avoid a darkening of the sauce. Deglaze it with the wine and half the juice of the lemon/lime and reduce everything to 50 % of the initial quantity. After that take it off the stove, blend the sauce and strain it afterwards through a fine sieve. Add the cream,the thyme and the sage leaves and put it back on the fire to bring it to the boil shortly again. Then let the sauce just simmer for another 10 minutes not to denature the proteins of the added cream but to obtain a creamy consistence and to extract the aromas of the herbs. Afterwards spice the sauce with ground white pepper,sea salt and if necessary again some lemon/lime juice. For an extra kick you may also add a dash of vermouth shortly before arranging the plates.

Preparation of the fish and the potatoes:

Clean the fish and dry it thoroughly with some kitchen paper. Afterwards fry it gently on both sides (just 2-3 minutes each) in melted butter. The temperature mustn’t be too high to avoid a fast browning of the butter. If both sides are done add the rest of the lemon/lime juice and also some sea salt to the fishes. Cover the pan and let the fish rest for another 3-4 minutes. The fish is perfectly done if the meat is still juicy but also easily detachable of the fish bones.

The easiest part of the show is to prepare the potatoes because you just have to boil them in a steam cooker. To add some extra taste use also here some sage or rosemary during the boiling process. If you are using new potatoes don’t peel them after cooking. Their peel is very soft, tasty and most important quite healthy, too.

Food arranging:

Spoon some sauce with all the cooked herbs on the plate and place the potatoes and the fish on it. Then scatter some red pepper and pomegranate over it and garnish the plate with some fresh sage leaves and some sliced tomatoes. The red pepper and the sage are giving an ethereal component to this dish while the pomegranate and the tomatoes add acidity and freshness.

Bon Appetit !!

Wine pairing:

To match this lighter summer dish and to keep it as light as possible, a wine with a lower alcohol level may be appropriated. So a well chilled Riesling Kabinett from Germany “equipped” with a good acidity and not too much residual sugar would be a very good choice (f.e. 2010 Riesling Kabinett trocken, Wallufer Walkenberg, J.B. Becker, Rheingau). Genius stuff !! Absolutely pure and mineral with weightless elegance and a racy acidity this wines sustains the food without covering it. A real thirst quencher “DeLuxe” ;-) !

For the adventurous among us I also warmly recommend to try such a dish with a high quality Poiré or Cidre (f.e. Poiré “Granit”, Eric Bordelet). Made from very old varieties and stoneold pear trees this Poiré shows a liquid concentrate of wild pears and an enjoyable low alcohol content. Its residual sugar is higher but tamed by a good acidity and a soft tannin sensation in the long, slight “crumbly” aftertaste. So it is another real genius combination and it would be smart to have also here more than just one bottle prepared…

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