about us

who we are :

Raluca Bauer, vintage 1980, economist, oenophile and addicted to the real slow food lifestyle. I will be in charge of the photos – I hope I will be able to bring you not only pictures of wine, food, vineyards, but also the smell, the spirit, the wonderful flavours of nature and its products!

Oliver Bauer, vintage 1974, vintner, oenophile and addicted to the real slow food lifestyle. As wine-maker of the Stirbey estate, people may consider my point of view biased and narrow-minded. But I can calm you down. You will never find in this blog a self-praising word about my wines written by myself. If you want to criticize or discuss/talk about them, you are of course more than welcome. My biggest critic is my wife – so far …

Calin Marian, vintage 1977, IT-professional, oenophile and, of course, addicted to the real slow food lifestyle. Due to my professional background, i will take care of the site maintenance to make all the information accesible. I will also write my share in the wine description area, in order to bring especially Romanian wine closer to the interested people.

what about this blog?

In the end, that’s pretty simple: we want to SHARE ! There’s nothing better or nicer, than sharing a good bottle of wine with some friends, family or colleagues. Accompanied by some self-prepared food, you get what would be called an “understanding among nations”! Put 10 people together at a table, without them knowing one another and even speaking different languages. Lately after the first glass, you will see them communicate all of a sudden. No other cultural artifact but wine is able to accomplish that. Wine is a myth, mysterious, a tradition since thousands of years and first of all – an incredible enrichment of some people’s personal lifestyle.
But don’t get us wrong. We are far, very far from being snobbish contemporaries talking just about the so-called expensive and famous “blue-chip” wines. That’s what a lot of people are already doing and sooner or later it will become boring… reading for the umpteenth time about one and the same “icon”-wine; a normal person cannot afford anymore, anyway. We want to concentrate on handcrafted, authentic wines, which have something to tell for themselves. For us, wine is a kind of art, an attitude of life and, therefore, impossible to reach a certain pattern. Furthermore, personal taste and preferences cannot be judged by third parties. Due to all this, we relinquish in this blog to rate wines with something ordinary like points, glasses, grapes or whatever is used to evaluate wine. We just want to swap ideas on nice wine-food-experiences, new wine discoveries or just simply a great time with great wines.

But of course, there will also be room for disappointments and annoying experiences. No matter, what will be will be. What counts for us are different, personal opinions and experiences around the wine. So feel free to interact with us. You can comment/criticize our posts and we will provide deep answers and explanations to your questions concerning the world of wine. We also offer you the possibility to send us your personal wine-tasting notes (in whatever language you want, the rules are here) and we will post them here afterwards. And thereby the idea to offer, in the future, a platform for the interested people, where they can find independent information about wine. Therefore, we need to get as much notes as possible, to obtain a nice collection of different wines and opinions.

Last but not least, you can also discuss with other oenophiles on our forum. We want to offer real and correct information without any financial interests for people to enjoy wine independently, free-mindedly and without exterior influence because …

there’s a lot to discover – so let’s get started!