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Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Filling level: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
1999 “The Freedom” Shiraz Langmeil Australia Barossa Valley Shiraz 0,750 l natural cork high fill 14.00 vol.% dry red V

Fat, alcoholic and sweetish – those are often the attributes of common prejudices concerning Shiraz from Down Under and like all very general statements that’s pure nonsense. Of course there are also hefty, alcoholic, overripe and over concentrated wines there. But those you can find .....


Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies):   Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
2008 Reserve du Couvent Chateau Ksara Lebanon Beeka ValleyCabernet Sauvignon (30%), Syrah(40%), Cabernet Franc(30%) 0,375 l twin-top cork 13.50 vol.% dry red III

This winery processes grapes from more than 300 hectares and is therefore one of the bigger players in the Lebanon. Red wine (mainly blends) represent over 60 % of the production but their portfolio contains also white wines (dry,sweet) and Rose. The vinification and the .....


CellarTales International Wineroundtable Edition No.9

February 8, 2012

At the 10th December the 9th and last edition for 2011 of Cellartales International WineRoundTable took place at the Lebanese Restaurant “Hanul lui Manuc” in the old center of Bukarest. A splendid place with warm and welcoming people. Chef Mohammed and the crew spoiled us once more with excellent, indigenous food, perfect service and also a closer look into the kitchen. Thanks a lot for that folks ! Who thought that spicy, oriental food is a difficult counterpart for wine was disabused today. First we intended to have a special dish for every wine but the Chef told .....

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1999 Chateau Haut-Blanville Grand Cuvée – taste the wild …

September 29, 2010

Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies):    Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
1999 Grand Cuvée Chateau Haut-Blanville France Coteaux du Languedoc Syrah, Grenache, Carignan, Mourvèdre 0,75 l natural cork 13,5 vol.% dry red III

The Languedoc is the largest wine producing region in France. With a little bit less than 300.000 hectars (Coteaux de Languedoc ca. 9.500 hectars) it has almost three times the size of the entire german area under vines. Beside the big amount of cheap “junkwines” .....

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2001 Côtes-du-Rhône – A dream of a Syrah …

September 23, 2010

Year: Wine: Producer:   Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
2001 Côtes-du-Rhône Caves le Coteaux du Rhône Sérignan-du-Comtat Vaucluse France Rhône Syrah 0,75 l natural cork 13 vol.% dry red I

What a name for a wine producer ! Less would have been probably more in this case or who can remember such a monster ? But this is also the only thing, someone may critizes concerning this wine because it is a perfect example, that a .....

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1985 Crozes Hermitage Domaine de Thalabert Domaines Paul Jaboulet Ainé

June 26, 2010

Paul Jaboulet Ainé is very famous for one particular wine – “La Chapelle”. Especially the vintage of 1961 is one of the most legendary red wines in the world. Recently a case of that wine ( 6 bottles) has been sold to Asia for over 77.000 Euros. Contrary to La Chapelle the Domaine de Thalabert is a much more affordable but nevertheless very good example (I remember with pleasure a 1990er…) of a northern Rhône wine – let’s consider it as one of the starter drugs of this big producer. The wines’ grapes are harvested from 11 different .....

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d’Arenberg “The Dead Arm” Shiraz 2005

May 26, 2010

A long time I sneaked around this bottle until I was finally able to “kill”it.”The Dead Arm” is considered to be one of the best Shiraz of Australia (whatever that means …). However, let’s form our own opinion. The first impression is a very “dark” one, because of its incredible deep black-ruby-red color. In front of the opening, I kept the bottle already upright for 4 days, because of a soft turbitity. The nose is surprisingly closed in the beginning, but quite typical for Syrah. Sloes, black pepper, fresh meat, new leather, juniper, bay leaf and also a bit .....

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Nachbil Shiraz Barrique 2003

May 23, 2010

Because of my very good impression of the Pinot Noir 2003, I also bought 2003 Merlot and this 2003 Shiraz which showed in the beginning a very nice garnet-red colour with a little brown at the margin. The first smell was closed and a little bit oxidized, but after a few minutes, it showed some typical condiments like dark pepper but not very well structured/delimited. At the palate again some dark pepper but also bitter chocolate paired with a strong and bold acidity. The wine appeared a bit lean until its medium to short aftertaste. Therefore in the end .....

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Syrah Nachbill 2007

April 1, 2010

This wine from one of the most northern romanian wineries owns a nice and clear ruby-red colour, which is not too pronounced for the variety. In the nose very restrained but after some time typical scents of fresh meat, some cinnamon and a soft soured cherry touch. At the palate ripe but still very tight tannins and an acidity, which appears pretty bold because of the wines’ rather slim to medium body. And also the very short aftertaste shows, that it is simply too young and undeveloped to be already consumed. Give it again a try in 3 + years .....

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On wines, food and … spices

March 8, 2010

(Cristian Boerean, 08.03.2010)
Many of us, wine lovers, have often asked ourselves on how to make a perfect pairing of wine and food.
The usual answer was: right, you can pair a white wine to fish, seafood, chicken, a red wine to red meats and cheese while a rose wine … is mostly ignored.
I agree that this rule may be widely acceptable but it is not 100 % accurate since most of us forget that the flavor (taste & smell) of food is influenced by spices as well.
The presence of Asian restaurants have first raised the question whether wine can be paired .....

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