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A good bottle of wine is always better when it’s shared with good friends. So we gathered together to celebrate the new years eve, to enjoy a “black & white”dinner and to kill a few bottles of interesting wines. Here now an extract with what we shortened the time to the turn of the year :
Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
2006 Meursault “Le Limozin” Michel Bouzereau & FilsFranceBurgundyChardonnay 0,75 l natural cork 13.00 vol.% dry white III .....


CellarTales International Wineroundtable Edition No.8

by Oliver Bauer on 12 December 2011 · 0 comments

At the 1th of November we met at the well-known Restaurant Mandragora in Bucharest, to enjoy some older BDX’s together with some other wines. But the special thing concerning this evening hasn’t been just the wine, because finally we found inPaul Peter Kopij a Chef who showed himself ready to prepare us also a special dinner which accompanied and complemented this tasting in a perfect way. So I sent Paul a couple of days in front of the tasting the wine list for him to think about a matching food part. And this “crazy guy” did think and what came .....


Rheingau Riesling of the 80’s

December 9, 2011

Year: Wine:   Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
1988 Steinberger Riesling Spätlese “Steigwein” Staatsweingüter EltvilleGermanyRheingau Riesling 0,75 l cork 9.00 vol.% sweet white III

During the last years we tried a lot of wines from this well known producer because they are very reliable especially concerning older vintages. “Steigwein” means “auction wine”. Every year Kloster Eberbach auctions smaller lots of wines, which the producers consider to be special or at least very good. And as a proof this one .....

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“Cellar finds” from the 70’s and the 80’s …

February 15, 2011

Especially on eBay you read very often about incredible “wine-finds”, forgotten for decades in grandfather’s cold, moist cellar. Well, in most of the cases we are talking here about fried, “living-room-aged” wine-mummies which provide no more drinking pleasures of any kind. Therefore I steer clear of such wines – normally. Because in the actual case of the following four wines we are talking about MY grandparent’s cellar where I store a part of my private wines, too. Very cold, moist, dark – perfect. So let’s see if those talked to us …
Year: Wine: Producer: Country: .....

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1976 “Scharzhofberger Riesling Auslese” Weingut von Hövel – a german “Sauternes” with wrinkles …

October 16, 2010

Year: Wine:   Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
1976 Scharzhofberger Riesling Auslese Weingut von Hövel Germany Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Riesling 0,7 l natural cork 9 vol.% sweet white IV

If you have ever the possibility to see the Saar region in Germany try also to visit this winery in Oberemmel. Here you can find some of the best, “old-school” Saar-Riesling. Crystal clear, with a racy acidity, moderat alcohol and a juicy sweetness. Despite of the facts .....

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2005 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese Markus Molitor – a wine-elf with a “punch” …

September 14, 2010

Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies):  Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
2005 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling SpätleseMarkus Molitor Germany Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Riesling 0,75 l natural cork 7.5 vol.% sweet white III

I don’t know about you, but if I am cooking something special I always like to be guided by a good glass of wine. The wine shouldn’t be too heavy but lively and inspiring – and well chilled ! Due to this my choice is mostly a sparkling wine. But for today .....

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1999 Chateau Climens 1er Cru classé

August 14, 2010

A wine cellar shouldn’t be too often re-organized because it is always like fixing a car or building up a new dresser – in the end you are remaining with some unused screws or other parts. Like today. By leaving our cellar I almost stumbled over the last bottle, which I forgot to put back in the rack. 1999 Chateau Climens – and a small bottle, too. How handy ! The chances for this bottle to re-enter the rack for further ageing shrinked to zero in less than a millisecond. From time to time you have to reward .....

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1971 Riesling Auslese “Rauenthaler Gehrn” Versteigerungswein Kloster Eberbach

June 22, 2010

A perfect bottle (high-fill), a perfect year (1971), a variety with a big aging potential (Riesling) and a famous producer – the scene has been set for pure wine pleasure. And indeed ! This wine was german Riesling at its best. Almost 40 years old and still no signs of age or tiredness but pure elegance and, yes, minerally freshness. The light yellow and crystal clean color with its soft green gleam would have fit also a wine at least 35 years younger. And so did the nose. Do you know the feeling, to have a wine in front of .....

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WG Durbach Kochberg Späburgunder Weissherbst Beerenauslese 1976

March 10, 2010

Genial, clear amber colour with a notion of rosé – terrific ! Its bouquet reminds me of oranges, campari, peaches, mandarins spiced up with some burned sugar/caramel and saffron. With some aeration also backed bananas with honey. Very yummy ! A perfect example of a sweet wine, without age. This wine is indulging the palate with a smooth, almost decadent sweetness, which never appears sticky or put-on. Likewise you can refind here all the aromas of the bouquet. Mandarins, peaches and caramel without ending and furthermore a very inspiring bitterness (like Campari) in the incredible long aftertaste, what .....

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