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Sauvignon Blanc

UEFA 2012

by Calin Marian on 27 June 2012 · 0 comments

UEFA 2012. Nu stiu cum va uitati voi la meciuri, dar la mine, regula de aur este meciul si vinul . Acuma, la meciuri slabe, alde Cehia – Portugalia, urmarile sunt dupa cum urmeaza (nu trageti in pianist, nu eu sunt de vina ca nu se mai joaca fotbal).
Sauvignon Blanc Vitis Vetus 2006, Prince Stirbey. Primul an de Sauvignon Blanc Vitis Vetus produs de Agricola Stirbey.

Vinul a mai pierdut din culoarea vioaie pe care o are un Sauvignon Banc tanar, aduce a vin matur, trecut prin timp, avand tente galbene-aurii. Primul nas a fost de creta umeda (senzatia .....


Our first meeting in 2012 took place in the beginning of february and this time we chose the Restaurant Rossetya in Bukarest. A very good choice and in everyone’s name I want to thank the entire staff for a perfect service and a successful evening. I would particular like to thank our sommelier, who prepared and served us all the wines in a very professional way. Also the outstanding glass supply has to be mentioned. Unfortunately in Romania that’s still no implicitness and therefore we are always very grateful for this kind of granted service. After dinner with some Romanian .....


CellarTales International Wineroundtable Edition No.7 Part II

November 28, 2011

The second day we began with different Sauvignon Blanc’s from all over the world:
Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
n.v. Symphonie en “P” de ClérosteinCaves de CleebourgFranceAlsacePinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc 0,75 l natural cork 12.50 vol.% brut (sparkler) white III

To calibrate our palates for the tasting we started with a nice and refreshing Crémant from the Alsace region (thanks Angela & Ghislain). This sparkler with its straw-yellow, soft green-tinged color and mildly nose of peaches and .....

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CellarTales International Wineroundtable Edition No. 6

July 4, 2011

Better late than never ! The “International WineRoundTable Edition No.7” is already in the planning stage and I haven’t closed so far the last one … Well, we have been extremely busy lately (that’s a good thing) and therefore I let slight a little bit CellarTales and a lot of interesting wines lined up (that’s a bad thing). But I will do my very best to compensate the lost time. So, what we have had for our “International WineRoundTable Edition No.6” ? A very colored tasting with ups and downs, surprises and disappointments and a lot of different .....

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Good old times ? – 5 white classics

May 4, 2011

Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
1990 “Le MD” Henri Bourgeois France Sancerre (Loire) Sauvignon Blanc 0,75 l cork 12.50 vol.% dry white III

The grapes for this wine have been harvested from the “Côte des Monts Damnés“ – cursed mountains or simply “MD”. A very steep hillside with a special soil (shell limestone/clay) offers excellent conditions for classic, mineral Sauvignon Blancs. And who still thinks that SB cannot age and should be consumed in its .....

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Robertson – part I

March 20, 2011

We are moving on
After such a marathon in Stellenbosh, it has been about time for us to change the location and  to drive to our next destination: Robertson
Signs on the roads like “Don’t feed the baboons” seemed nonsense to us, but in not even 200 m, the first baboons already stared at us, yet minding their own business.
While driving dusty gravel roads, Oliver has been forced (by me ) to stopp every time I saw a bird, an ostrich, an antelope, or other living creature.  What a beautiful, fascinating landscape !
Our accommodation for 2 nights has been the .....

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CellarTales International Wineroundtable Edition No. 5

March 16, 2011

After a longer period of time we managed finally to meet again with some other wine lovers and to enjoy a couple of wines at the CellarTales International WineRoundTable Edition No. 5. The scoop of this evening was to try and to compare 3 different styles of Champagne, 3 Austrian Riesling wines from famous producers and to see, how BDX wines developed over 3 decades in taste and style. Last but not least we have had in the end a Sauternes wine from a smaller vintage but out of a bigger bottle ! So let’s see, what ran .....

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Stellenbosch – part II

February 20, 2011


The property known as Grangehurst was purchased by winemaker Jeremy Walker’s parents in 1973. A small winery, but for sure a powerful voice in the red wine production. It has been early in the morning when we arrived at the winery but again a very friendly person opened the door and invited us for a wine tasting. We already knew their (still young) ‘98 “Nikela” and I think they have been also happy about our positive feed back concerning this wine. But in general the wines of Grangehurst hold an excellent ageing potential and the wines do have time to .....

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Tulbagh – the dedicated ones

February 3, 2011

Finally we have Internet connection again Not that I really missed it for a couple of days: sometimes it’s indeed relaxing not to have internet connection, signal for the telephones or even a TV set.
But we decided to run from the wilderness, to be able to taste some more interesting wines from SA.
The next stop was Tulbagh, an island district, traditionally known for sparkling and light white wines.
Although it remained just very few time to taste wines, I cannot describe it in another way than as “the day of the wine lovers”. Really! At both .....

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Some info about South Africa

January 26, 2011

According to the latest available data (2006), South Africa is the 7th large wine producers
Number of wineries in 2009: 604
Total wine area: aprox. 101 000 ha
Consumption per capita (l): 6.9
Anual Local wine sales: 340 mil litres
Most planted cultivars: Chenin Blanc, Sauvignon Blanc, Colombard, Chardonnay, Shiraz
Most Uprooted cultivars: Chenin Blanc and Colombard
2006 Overview of the SA Wine Industry
2011 Platter’s SA Wines

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