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Our first meeting in 2012 took place in the beginning of february and this time we chose the Restaurant Rossetya in Bukarest. A very good choice and in everyone’s name I want to thank the entire staff for a perfect service and a successful evening. I would particular like to thank our sommelier, who prepared and served us all the wines in a very professional way. Also the outstanding glass supply has to be mentioned. Unfortunately in Romania that’s still no implicitness and therefore we are always very grateful for this kind of granted service. After dinner with some Romanian .....


This time we decided not just to gather a bunch of the usual suspects for a single evening tasting but to extend the event and to enjoy all together in the splendid environment of Hotel Belvedere in Baile Govora over two days of interesting wines an “handmade food”. For the first evening I assembled unusual/underrated growths and paired them with special food and/or served them in unusual conditions like for example well chilled red wine.
We started with homemade Tapas and other small delicacies paired with well chilled, dry Sherry-wines :
Year: Wine: Producer: .....


Stellenbosch – part III

March 15, 2011

Two cats, two dogs and eucalypt trees
You’re probably wondering what’s with my story from today… or what do those four pets having in common with the eucalyptus trees. It’s simple: those are the main characters in the cellar stories – the last ones from Stellenbosch.
The 4th day (an unfortunately the last one) at Stellenbosch was again a busy day. Still a lot of wineries to visit, a lot of vine plants to see and a lot of wine to taste, but most important a lot of people to meet.
(means “Cannon Hill“)

A grumpy cat, in perfect undercover, is counting the huge .....

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Stellenbosch – part II

February 20, 2011


The property known as Grangehurst was purchased by winemaker Jeremy Walker’s parents in 1973. A small winery, but for sure a powerful voice in the red wine production. It has been early in the morning when we arrived at the winery but again a very friendly person opened the door and invited us for a wine tasting. We already knew their (still young) ‘98 “Nikela” and I think they have been also happy about our positive feed back concerning this wine. But in general the wines of Grangehurst hold an excellent ageing potential and the wines do have time to .....

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Nikela, Rubicon & Co. – mature South African blends

February 18, 2011

Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies):   Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
1998 NikelaGrangehurstSouth Africa Stellenbosch Cabernet Sauvignon(57%),Merlot(30%),Pinotage(30%) 0,75 l natural cork 13,5 vol.% dryred III

If you will ever visit Stellenbosch – this Boutique winery should be on your list. There you will find not only very hospitable people, no, also their wines are something very special because of an own handwriting, an own style which is not negotiable. During a very nice tasting (which will also be published soon …) we also .....

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Stellenbosch – part 1

February 13, 2011

The accommodation in Stellenbosch has been simply perfect : a cosy place, far away from home but feeling like home : )  and really nice equipped – perfect for our self catering intentions for the next days.
Hans, our host, surprised us from the start: a hand written letter was waiting for us in the room with all  the needed “house rules”. The place is really familiar and the silence of the day is only from time to time broken by the “voice” of a  peafowl …
We started our “wine discovery journey” in Stellenbosch  early in the morning, with a long .....

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Beyerskloof Pinotage 2007

March 5, 2010

Pinotage is a very special variety. Some hate its soft bitter aftertaste and its certain character, you first have to get used to. Well, for those, there is Merlot, Cabernet etc. etc. I love Pinotage exactly because of its own fingerprint. This one here owns a deep, clear garnet-ruby-red with a very fruity and smooth nose. Some cherries and black currants, leather and some port-wine. Well balanced palate but also here very opulent with a good acidity, a fine tannin structure and a classic “Pinotage-finish”. Very nice and this is just the entry level ! An easy to drink wine, .....

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