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Pinot Noir

A good bottle of wine is always better when it’s shared with good friends. So we gathered together to celebrate the new years eve, to enjoy a “black & white”dinner and to kill a few bottles of interesting wines. Here now an extract with what we shortened the time to the turn of the year :
Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
2006 Meursault “Le Limozin” Michel Bouzereau & FilsFranceBurgundyChardonnay 0,75 l natural cork 13.00 vol.% dry white III .....


… and ended with a small world tour of Pinot Noir :
Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
2008Swan Bay Pinot NoirScotchmans HillAustraliaVictoriaPinot Noir 0,75 l screw cap 14.00 vol.% dryred III

Officially Australia has the reputation of producing mainly heavy, very concentrated red wines. Shiraz first of all. Detractors may even talk about the famous “marmalade wines”. Beside the fact that I don’t appreciate such general prejudices it’s more than clear that the range of Australian wines is much wider. Ever tried .....


CellarTales International Wineroundtable Edition No.7 Part II

November 28, 2011

The second day we began with different Sauvignon Blanc’s from all over the world:
Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
n.v. Symphonie en “P” de ClérosteinCaves de CleebourgFranceAlsacePinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Pinot Blanc 0,75 l natural cork 12.50 vol.% brut (sparkler) white III

To calibrate our palates for the tasting we started with a nice and refreshing Crémant from the Alsace region (thanks Angela & Ghislain). This sparkler with its straw-yellow, soft green-tinged color and mildly nose of peaches and .....

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“Burgundy” meets “New World”

July 5, 2011

Year: Wine: Producer:Country: Region: Variety(-ies) Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
2002 Pommard Les Caves des Hautes-Côtes France Burgundy Pinot Noir 0,75 l natural cork 13.00 vol.% dry red III

Les Caves des Hautes-Côtes is a co-operative in Beaune and handles 470 hectares in 40 Burgundy appellations !! Aha, a really big producer with a lot of trivial wines, isn’t it ? Sure 2002 has been an excellent vintage but Pommard is known for tighter, more robust wines than its more .....

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CellarTales International Wineroundtable Edition No. 5

March 16, 2011

After a longer period of time we managed finally to meet again with some other wine lovers and to enjoy a couple of wines at the CellarTales International WineRoundTable Edition No. 5. The scoop of this evening was to try and to compare 3 different styles of Champagne, 3 Austrian Riesling wines from famous producers and to see, how BDX wines developed over 3 decades in taste and style. Last but not least we have had in the end a Sauternes wine from a smaller vintage but out of a bigger bottle ! So let’s see, what ran .....

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Stellenbosch – part II

February 20, 2011


The property known as Grangehurst was purchased by winemaker Jeremy Walker’s parents in 1973. A small winery, but for sure a powerful voice in the red wine production. It has been early in the morning when we arrived at the winery but again a very friendly person opened the door and invited us for a wine tasting. We already knew their (still young) ‘98 “Nikela” and I think they have been also happy about our positive feed back concerning this wine. But in general the wines of Grangehurst hold an excellent ageing potential and the wines do have time to .....

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“Cellar finds” from the 70’s and the 80’s …

February 15, 2011

Especially on eBay you read very often about incredible “wine-finds”, forgotten for decades in grandfather’s cold, moist cellar. Well, in most of the cases we are talking here about fried, “living-room-aged” wine-mummies which provide no more drinking pleasures of any kind. Therefore I steer clear of such wines – normally. Because in the actual case of the following four wines we are talking about MY grandparent’s cellar where I store a part of my private wines, too. Very cold, moist, dark – perfect. So let’s see if those talked to us …
Year: Wine: Producer: Country: .....

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Stellenbosch – part 1

February 13, 2011

The accommodation in Stellenbosch has been simply perfect : a cosy place, far away from home but feeling like home : )  and really nice equipped – perfect for our self catering intentions for the next days.
Hans, our host, surprised us from the start: a hand written letter was waiting for us in the room with all  the needed “house rules”. The place is really familiar and the silence of the day is only from time to time broken by the “voice” of a  peafowl …
We started our “wine discovery journey” in Stellenbosch  early in the morning, with a long .....

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1997 Jacquesson brut – a sparkling symphony …

November 19, 2010

Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
1997 brut Jacquesson France Champagne Chardonnay (55%), Pinot Noir (45%) 0,75 l natural cork 12 vol.% dry red V

Concerning Champagne I adhere to Napoleon who said: “After I won a battle, I deserve it and after I lost one, I need it !”. In this actual case we only have to replace “battle” with “harvest”. After the last grapes of 2010 have been harvested, we decided that .....

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2004 Schlossberg Spätburgunder trocken, Markus Molitor vs. 2004 Burgweg Spätburgunder “Grosses Gewächs trocken, Kühling-Gillot – red sides of german wines …

October 23, 2010

If people are talking about german wines, most of them are just thinking about white ones and here in particular Riesling. But there’s much more than just that and first of all the Pinot Noir grape is causing recently more and more furore. Today we have had two representatives from two different regions (Rheinhessen and Mosel) which are generally known for outstanding Riesling wines. But what about the Pinot Noir. Well, just this much – the regions are very different and so are the wines …
Year: Wine:   Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: .....

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