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A good bottle of wine is always better when it’s shared with good friends. So we gathered together to celebrate the new years eve, to enjoy a “black & white”dinner and to kill a few bottles of interesting wines. Here now an extract with what we shortened the time to the turn of the year :
Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies): Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
2006 Meursault “Le Limozin” Michel Bouzereau & FilsFranceBurgundyChardonnay 0,75 l natural cork 13.00 vol.% dry white III .....


At the 10th December the 9th and last edition for 2011 of Cellartales International WineRoundTable took place at the Lebanese Restaurant “Hanul lui Manuc” in the old center of Bukarest. A splendid place with warm and welcoming people. Chef Mohammed and the crew spoiled us once more with excellent, indigenous food, perfect service and also a closer look into the kitchen. Thanks a lot for that folks ! Who thought that spicy, oriental food is a difficult counterpart for wine was disabused today. First we intended to have a special dish for every wine but the Chef told .....


CellarTales International Wineroundtable Edition No.8

December 12, 2011

At the 1th of November we met at the well-known Restaurant Mandragora in Bucharest, to enjoy some older BDX’s together with some other wines. But the special thing concerning this evening hasn’t been just the wine, because finally we found inPaul Peter Kopij a Chef who showed himself ready to prepare us also a special dinner which accompanied and complemented this tasting in a perfect way. So I sent Paul a couple of days in front of the tasting the wine list for him to think about a matching food part. And this “crazy guy” did think and what came .....

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Mosel Riesling – pure elegance for the warmer time of the year !

March 21, 2011

Spring approaches, at least according to the calendar. So let’s put the heavy, warming wines a little bit aside and let’s start to pull out and to search the crispy, lighter ones again. Mosel-Riesling is a perfect match if you would like to enjoy lighter (alcohol), pure, fresh and elegant but yet very expressive wines. Here you can find ideal compagnions in different styles for almost every occasion. From uncomplicated young, fruity and very fresh wines up to very demanding and rich TBA’s (Trockenbeerenauslese ). Most of them are having especially one thing in common : concerning their .....

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2005 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese Markus Molitor – a wine-elf with a “punch” …

September 14, 2010

Year: Wine: Producer: Country: Region: Variety(-ies):  Size: Closure: Alcohol: Taste: Colour: Group:
2005 Zeltinger Sonnenuhr Riesling SpätleseMarkus Molitor Germany Mosel-Saar-Ruwer Riesling 0,75 l natural cork 7.5 vol.% sweet white III

I don’t know about you, but if I am cooking something special I always like to be guided by a good glass of wine. The wine shouldn’t be too heavy but lively and inspiring – and well chilled ! Due to this my choice is mostly a sparkling wine. But for today .....

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Maximin Grünhäuser Riesling Spätlese Herrenberg trocken 2007

March 17, 2010

Crystal-clear, shiny light yellow tint with green reflects. A bit closed in the beginning having a slight smell like yeast and wet soil. After some breathing time it develops a typical fragrance of pure Mosel Riesling like green apples, apricots, fresh herbs and slate. Riesling-novices might be confused by its distinctly petrol-rubber scent but also this is absolutely typical for this kind of Riesling. At the palate, also green apples, pears and paprika, minerally with an enormous, clear acidity and freshening fine carbon-pearls until the very long finish. It gets better with every minute in the glasses which shows that .....

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Mosel – terroir

March 3, 2010
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The begining

February 23, 2010

It’s strange to start from the very beginning because I don’t know what my first words will be. I have met Calin with his backpack, a young man who wanted to know a lot about wine and about wine fanatics. I grew fond of him instantly and I considered him a friend right away because he was extremely honest (still, he hasn’t changed), he was a person of “unbearable” common sense and he also had this wish to be a wine specialist, a wish that was so big that it made me feel ashamed about myself.
Later on, we met in .....

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